the art of keian

Digital Artist from the Philippines | 20
likes drawing characters and glowy effects


artworks made by keian



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real people illustrated in my style
(recent commissions)


keian's outfit a day
30 day drawing challenge compilation


webcomic art
from "Shifting Balance"

commissions open!

for personal use only references are highly appreciated commissions beyond my capability will be declined one to two minor adjustments is allowed during the sketch period, i will be giving updates regarding the progress of the commission half or full payment must be sent when the sketch is already approved will be done in 1-7 days i reserve my right over the final artwork, meaning i can use it anywhere may it be my portfolio or other social media sites.

Commissioning me indicates that you agree to the terms & conditions. Any statement can be bound to change if discussed with me prior to the commission.

contact me via email or dm me on twitter for inquiries!